Brain & Body Performance

Our Plan for Covid 19

Temperature taken upon arrival and must wash hands prior to entering workout area. Hand sanitizer also available.

Limited class and gym capacity with 6 foot x 6 foot individual areas.

Equipment and area cleaned and sanitized with EPA approved cleaner.

Good air circulation throughout the workout area.

Balance-Speed-Agility Strength-Coordination

At Slak CLE we use balance, speed, agility, strength and coordination training techniques and devices such as; resistance bands, soft weights, props and more to simultaneously train the brain and body to effectively coordinate the muscles while also increasing overall brain health.

The results are a more balanced and dynamic brain and body.

Eddie George on the importance of Training differently

(Slackliners and Dancers have been found to have physically different brains than the general public due to consistent balance training.)

Physical Benefits

Better Posture

Increased Muscle Power

Increased Muscle Tone

Athletic Performance

Increases Fat Burning

Improved Coordination


Faster Injury Recovery

Stronger Joints

Reduces Injury

Prevents Elderly Falls

Increases Core Strength

Reduces Workout Time

Builds Stabilizer Muscles

Balance, Speed, Agility, Strength, & coordination

infinite workout Combinations

Dr. Will Demonstrates one

Mental Benefits

Improves Memory

Increased Reaction Time

Reduces Anxiety

Increases Cognition

Reduces Depression

Stress Handling

Changes the Brain

Increases Focus

Improved Attention Span

Feeling of Well-being

Better Decision Making



1-on-1/Classes/Team Training



Coach Anthony Spooner, Assistant Wresting Coach for St. Edwards High School

SLAK CLE came to our goaltending camp this past weekend to introduce our goalies to slak training. Our goalies loved it, and the SLAK CLE staff was great with the kids. Not only is the workout challenging, it is unique, and tons of fun! Highly recommend!
--Sebastian Ragno-- Goal-tending Coach
Kathryn Connors did a great job of training me for my first slack line. She really understands and can see what her clients abilities are and she pushed and believed in them. I did better than I thought I would, with her knowledge and help. Thanks Kathryn I will definitely recommend you!!!
--Kimberly Davis--
"I started training with Slak CLE about 2 months ago and the results I've seen have been nothing short of amazing. Being a 6'6" goalie in hockey, coordination, control, and balance were not the strongest parts of my game. With Jason, I worked on really slowing things down and moving in a calm, controlled manner. My balance obviously improved a lot, along with my coordination and control, but there were also unexpected changes to my game. The biggest of these was my focus. Training on the SLAK lines makes focusing on the puck a lot easier. All of these improvements have translated to more saves, and better play on my part."
--Rob-- Junior Level Goalie

​Slak CLE Athlete Highlight

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