Slak CLE is not just a company, it's a passion.


We started this journey as just two Dads having fun with our kids, slacklining on the beach and balance boarding in the basement.  We had no idea how impactful this quality time would be.


Outside of the enjoyment we started to see deeper changes within ourselves and our children.  These changes were not just physical but mental as well.

A few changes we noticed were increased balance and coordination, reduced anxiety, better memory, increased athleticism, mental clarity and so much more.


With those results, we knew we had to figure out a way to bring balance training to every walk of life, from child to elderly, athlete to CEO.


Out of that idea and during a pandemic, Slak CLE was born and we have been on a mission to increase an individuals peak performance, mentally and physically. 

We believe our training programs will change the World by getting back to balancing!

See You Soon!

MEET The Owners

Dr. Will Munoz D.C.

I am a Father to an amazing 6 year old boy!  I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Real Estate Agent.  I have been an athlete all my life and now, a lover of the sport, slacklining, which inspired the creation of Slak CLE. 

I have a passion for life and I am on a mission, along with Co-Owner Jason, to help as many people as possible become their Optimal Self through advanced balance training techniques.

That about sums me up!!  Can't wait to meet you!

Jason Thomson

I am a family man from the Cleveland area, married with two energetic boys! I have spent my life around high level athletics, both playing and coaching hockey and baseball for the past seven years in the Cleveland area. Professionally, I have spent the past 12 years in the world of corporate finance and investing. I am beyond excited to bring my sports background to this amazing training facility through what Dr. Will and I have developed for you!

Meet the Staff

Trainer Sophia Kopasakis

Sophia Kopasakis is a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and carries a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Sciences from Cleveland State University.

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Sophia has been interning at different strength and conditioning facilities to learn how to train high school age and college athletes. From middle school into her early 20s, Sophia competed in elite level athletics in cross country, track, and rowing. After the fall of 2017, Sophia became interested in learning athletic movements outside of competition and sports. She became more determined to learn how to move more efficiently. This lead her to pick up a very unusual athletic art form called fire and LED prop manipulation arts. Sophia now performs with fire and LED props on the side with her fire group. Her personal style involves martial art movements, athletic plyometric jumps and power, functional mobility, and core balance and stability. Throughout the years of being an endurance athlete in the sports of running and rowing, her years of schooling and interning, and with her life as a fire performer, Sophia has learned all levels of athletic strength and conditioning along with proper human biomechanics and functional training. 

Sophia’s number one love in her life is fitness and health. Her passion is teaching and inspiring others how to live an active and healthy lifestyle in order to live their lives to their ultimate potential. Her goal is to teach, inspire, and empower as many people as she can so that she can be a part of the worldly movement towards healthy living. 

Outside, of training others, working out, and performing with fire, on Sophia’s free time she likes to extend her healthy style of living through more ways. Sophia enjoys the musical arts by playing the drums and jamming out with her friends. Sophia has a never ending love and passion for dancing; she finds every opportunity that she can to go to various events to learn more about the art of dance. The more Sophia learns about the art of dance, the more she understands the natural kinesthetic and biomechanics of the human body. 

How Can We Help You?
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