Adult & Family Training

Whether you are an Athlete, CEO, Homemaker or just striving to be your best, the training and services we provide at Slak CLE will help you gain the edge you need to become your best self.

At Slak CLE, we offer a range of classes and services to meet your physical, mental and nutritional needs.

We have individual adult classes if you are looking to focus on yourself and we also have Family Fitness classes where you can grow and develop as a family unit.


Our Classes include;

General Fitness(general fitness classes, open gym, circuit training, blazepod fitness)

Family Fitness(parents and children working out together)

Sport Specific Training(customized training for a specific sport)

Specific Training(specific areas of improvement, i.e. 'increase vertical and one-on-one sessions)

We also offer Mindset Coaching which involves improving the individuals mindset towards themselves and life in general.  We know that mindset is 90% of success and is crucial for stress management and improvement.


To keep the body functioning at it's best, we also offer Chiropractic and Nutrition.  Chiropractic is beneficial in restoring the proper function of the joints, muscles and nervous system to optimize the body's ability to function at it's best.  We couple that with movement and proper nutrition to see the best results.


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5 and10 Class Packages and One-one-One Training Packages Available