Slak CLE is not just a company, it's a passion.


We started this journey as just a Dad and Son having fun, slacklining on the beach.  We had no idea how impactful this quality time would be.


Outside of the enjoyment I started seeing deeper changes within myself and my son.  These changes were not just physical but mental as well.

A few changes we noticed were increased balance and coordination, reduced anxiety, better memory, increased athleticism, mental clarity and more.


With those results, we knew we had to figure out a way to bring balance training to every walk of life, from child to elderly, athlete to CEO.


Out of that idea and during a pandemic, Slak CLE was born and we have been on a mission to increase an individuals peak performance, mentally and physically since.  

We believe our training programs will change the World by getting back to balancing!

See You Soon!

MEET The OwneR

Dr. Will Munoz D.C.

I am a Father to an amazing 6 year old boy!  I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Real Estate Agent.  I have been an athlete all my life and now, a lover of the sport, slacklining, which inspired the creation of Slak CLE. 

I have a passion for life and I am on a mission, along with Co-Owner Jason, to help as many people as possible become their Optimal Self through advanced balance training techniques.

That about sums me up!!  Can't wait to meet you!

How Can We Help You?
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The key to muscle coordination starts in the brain.  Our unique approach puts balance at the top and is incorporated into everything we do.

Speed and Reaction time is paramount in athletics and in life.  We use techniques to train the brain as well as the body to increase speed performance.

The ability to move around or over an obstacle depends on your brains ability control your muscles to navigate your surroundings.  We have hundreds of agility combinations.



Strength is dependent upon muscle/joint stabilization.  At Slak we focus on the intrinsic muscles to create dynamic functional strength.

Coordination is your brains ability to move your body through space smoothly and precisely.  We use techniques to enhance that ability.


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