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A Word From Coach Rob

Hey SLAK family!

My name is Rob Holden, an athletic coach working for SLAK CLE. Since coming to SLAK over the summer, I have seen many improvements in my athletic and personal life! We’ll start with the athletic side of things. Being a goaltender in hockey, focus is huge! Since I began training at SLAK, I have seen huge improvements in my ability to focus on and off the ice. It is no coincidence that as I began to train with SLAK, I was selected as a player of the week in the USPHL. This immediate improvement in my game was a direct result of the increased focus that I was able to get from balance training. As I said, my personal life has seen positive changes as well! I have been happier, more driven, and less stressed on a day to day basis. Training at SLAK CLE will not only offer athletic benefits, but personal benefits as well!

Every Monday since January 4th, I am coaching a goalie specific training program. The 5 week course works on hand-eye coordination, flexibility, strength, puck handling, and the mental side of being a goaltender. There are 3 more classes remaining, don't miss out! You can sign up at the link below.

Just another reason why you should train with the team at SLAK CLE!

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