Balance isn't just for tight rope walkers!

Balance and balance training isn't just for tight rope walkers! Well then, who is it for? The quick and easy answer to that question is, IT IS FOR EVERYONE! Younger, older, men, women, athletes, and non-athletes alike all need to be working on their balance. Balance training should be part of your daily routine, it should be thought about and practiced everyday, just like drinking water, eating healthy, and getting exercise.

We talk frequently about having balance in various other areas, work-life balance, spending balance, balancing calories to exercise, balancing commitments, and so on, but we don't talk much about actual physical balance. Increasing your physical balance will yield all of the below benefits and make other areas of our lives easier and more optimal!

Now we know that everyone should be working on their balance, the question is why. What will it do for me? What are the benefits? What happens if I neglect balance? Below is a list of the physical and mental benefits that you will experience if you are working on your balance.

Research shows that working on dedicated balance training for 3-4 hours a week and for 4-6 weeks, you will start to really see the benefits. For most of us who are working in careers and may or may not have kids, time is definitely precious! Adding in only 20-30 minutes a day will definitely get you feel better and noticing the mental and physical benefits.

Most of the classes offered at the facility are 45 minutes in length and are structured to get the maximum results while fitting into your schedule! Take a look and read more about what we do and offer at and please reach out with any questions that you may have!

Get out of your comfort zone and come in for some fun and challenging training that will optimize your life!

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The key to muscle coordination starts in the brain.  Our unique approach puts balance at the top and is incorporated into everything we do.

Speed and Reaction time is paramount in athletics and in life.  We use techniques to train the brain as well as the body to increase speed performance.

The ability to move around or over an obstacle depends on your brains ability control your muscles to navigate your surroundings.  We have hundreds of agility combinations.



Strength is dependent upon muscle/joint stabilization.  At Slak we focus on the intrinsic muscles to create dynamic functional strength.

Coordination is your brains ability to move your body through space smoothly and precisely.  We use techniques to enhance that ability.


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