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What do great Athletes do that keep them healthy and strong?

If the title of the blog didn't give it away, Elite Athletes are focusing a large portion of their time on making sure they are properly fueled.

Our body is an organic machine that is capable of doing some really amazing things. Just like any other machine on this planet, they need fuel and maintenance to continue functioning optimally. Our bodies are unique in that we can actually grow and become better. We have the ability to grow our muscles and strengthen our bones. We have the ability to increase our brains ability to process information and we have the ability to handle more tasks because of it. Our bodies can do some incredible things and with that amazing ability to grow and become better, faster, stronger, bigger, smarter and so on...we must provide it with optimal fuel in order to do such things.

A car is easy, right?! It takes gas and oil and if you can manage to keep both maintained, you seldom have any issues. Our body is different and due to it's ability to outgrow it's current state of being, it needs good sustainable fuel and regularly scheduled maintenance!

Science tells us that year after year our foods are becoming more and more less nutrient dense. This means the food we eat has less fuel than it once had. This also means we must consume more calories worth of food in order to get the same nutritional (fuel) value we once had. This leads to overeating, nutritional deficiencies and creates an environment that is not hospitable for maintenance, repair and growth of organs, glands, muscles and the brain. This leads to fatigue and injury!

How do we ensure we are getting the right amount of nutritional (fuel) that we need in a day?

Answer is, we must supplement our diets. This is even more crucial for an Elite Athlete because of their workout demands, but even the ordinary person who has a demanding job and/or life that causes them to use lots of fuel in order to exist in their perspective environments, they too must have proper nutrition to overcome those demands and continue to repair and grow.

How do we maintain our physical and mental systems at Slak CLE? We use a products like this one pictured below called the "Sports Performance Packs" from Standard Process.

What do these packs provide??

Sports Performance Packs provide convenient support for both the physical and mental aspects of competition and training for physically active men and women.

  • Excellent source of vitamin E, vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, magnesium, and selenium.

  • Good source of vitamin C, vitamin B12, and pantothenic acid.*

Each box includes a 30-day supply of individual packs (taken morning and evening). Each pack contains:

  • Cellular Vitality (2 capsules)—supports the body as a whole, with specific emphasis on cellular processes.*

  • Cardio-Plus® (2 tablets)—helps support the cardiovascular system. It also supports the healthy functioning of the heart and other muscles.*

  • Cataplex® E2 (2 tablets)—supports cellular health and general well-being.*

  • Magnesium Lactate (2 capsules)—supports the body’s energy production, which is used by the central nervous system, neuromuscular, and cardiovascular systems.*

If you are looking to compete on any level, starting strong with the Sport Packs is a solid plan. Supplementing your diet is key to supporting your body so you can continue to use it to live your life and become your best.

Do you have any questions about this product or want to know how to get 10% OFF your first order? Email us, we would be happy to help.

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The key to muscle coordination starts in the brain.  Our unique approach puts balance at the top and is incorporated into everything we do.

Speed and Reaction time is paramount in athletics and in life.  We use techniques to train the brain as well as the body to increase speed performance.

The ability to move around or over an obstacle depends on your brains ability control your muscles to navigate your surroundings.  We have hundreds of agility combinations.



Strength is dependent upon muscle/joint stabilization.  At Slak we focus on the intrinsic muscles to create dynamic functional strength.

Coordination is your brains ability to move your body through space smoothly and precisely.  We use techniques to enhance that ability.


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