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Nutrition is Key

by Dr. Will

Nutrition is key! What is nutrition and why do you need to know about it? The answer is very simple and it comes down to healing and regeneration. When we use and abuse our bodies through daily activity, environmental toxins and bad habits we require healing to keep us from degrading to a level where we begin to feel pain and disease begins to manifest. Eating a proper diet and drinking plenty of water and avoiding foods and things that do not support optimal growth will allow your body to heal, repair and grow.

So, what exactly is Nutrition? Nutrition is what your body needs to accomplish the healing that we just talked about. I like to think of nutrition as building blocks. Just as a construction worker needs the proper tools and materials to build a home, your cells of your body need the proper vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats to build and maintain the body.

Understanding nutrition is at the core of any athletes success and should be an important subject in any human beings life. Focusing on providing your body with fresh foods that provide optimal protein, fats and carbohydrates is key to building a strong and resilient body. These building blocks of life should come from fruits, vegetables, quality meats and healthy fat sources.

By feeding your body the proper diet, you are ensuring yourself the best possible opportunity at healing, regenerating and repairing your body on a daily basis.

Could you or your family use some help with nutrition? Dr. Will, co-owner of Slak CLE can help you with all your nutrition questions and can also provide nutrition and nutrition schedules to better help optimize your health and healing.

Message Dr. Will for any help or questions.

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