Stress going up? Let's Talk!

Are you feeling stressed out with life and the current socioeconomic state?

You are not alone. We are all facing extremely tough times and the stress level associated with it can be extremely hazardous to our health. Stress can lead to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, disease and many other negative impacts.

How can we manage this stress as we move through this rough time in history?

We feel like we have found a great solution for not only brain health but physical health as well. Being that these two areas are tied together, we have created a double whammy, so to speak. We have read many research articles about balance training and it's effects on the brain and we have concluded that balance training actually helps the areas of the brain that handle stress. We also have discovered that not only does balance training help the areas associated with stress, it also effects memory, coordination, reaction time, strength and so much more.

We believe that everyone should be doing some form of balance training on a daily basis to keep the brain sharp and ready for the daily stress we encounter. All ages and fitness levels can benefit from some form of balance training.

At Slak CLE we use a multitude of balance training devices and props to give you a total brain and body workout that will leave you feeling worked out and uplifted.

Brain health is the most important thing you can focus coordinates all body processes and could help if done on a regular basis.

Need advice or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Dr. Will


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